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Our Vision For Our Clients! 


Inkling Print Solutions (IPS) is dedicated to providing the highest standard of print procurement and corporate branding to clients across Canada.  We understand how important high quality printing is to your image, your customers and your success.  This is why we take ownership in our work and are committed to your vision.

At (IPS), we use our insight, expertise, and extensive experience to provide consistent integrated design, print and distribution. IPS will help your business develop a process to deliver all your printed collateral that will:


Capture your target market               Improve quality & elevate efficiency                     Reduce outsourced costs

Enhance reliability                               Streamline the entire process                                Reduce "Carbon Footprint"


We have over 10 years of experience working with corporate clients across Canada.  Our main production facilities are in Vancouver and Toronto but we have the ability to ship via FedEx anywhere across North America so we can provide our clients with substantially lower costs on all their printing needs, we guarantee it! 


Vancouver Office:                                        Toronto Office:

# 59 - 10489 Delsom Crescent                 411 Richmond St, East, Suite 106

Delta, B.C V4C 0B9                                      Toronto, O.N M5A 3S5


Toll Free: 1-888-996-4003           Email:



Does your company need help consolidating your print needs? From Vancouver to Toronto, with IPS we consolidate all your print needs to allow consistent branding, reduce the need for multiple suppliers and provide for cost effective solutions. Call us today 1-888-996-4003 to discuss your companies requirements.


IPS’s strength is both low and high volume printing.  We constantly look to embrace the latest technology which enables us to produce quality with economy.  


Years of keen understanding of the print procurement process have put IPS in a position to offer total corporate branding and production.


We are not just printers, we are consultants and resource specialists that have helped companies across Canada develop their core brand and capture their target market.


With over a decade of experience, we have the proven track record that sets us apart from the rest!

Why Choose IPS Over Other Printers!